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Supplier Management

in compliance with your Standard Operating Procedures


Focus on what matters most and let us deal with Supplier Management:
qualification, audits, follow up, quality agreements, …

LRNGforLifeSciences relieves your company from Supplier Management regulatory constraints and ensure accurate compliance.

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Our Offer

Supplier Management as a Service (SMaaS)

SMaaS is a subscription scheme. Select the subscription plan that best matches your needs, depending on your current situation, your goals, and your need for assistance. At any time, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan, in compliance with contractual provisions.

Customized subscription plans can be individually designed to match your specific needs, do not hesitate to request a FREE quote. All services provided by LRNGforLifeSciences are also available as individual modules or packs (please contact us).

All prices excl. VAT, valid for new subscriptions before 31.12.2022

               Innovation by LRNGRiskConsulting               

Supplier Management as a Service (SMaaS)

An innovative, affordable & flexible subscription plan for Supplier Management

Supplier Management as a Service is a subscription scheme for service provision. For as long as the subscription plan is active, we’re managing and following up on your Suppliers, in compliance with your Standard Operating Procedures.


What is it?

Ensure compliance

Lack of time or resources? Don’t be late anymore in the execution of your Supplier Audit program and make sure your company remains compliant.


Thanks to the subscription scheme.

Risk-based approach

A pragmatic, risk-based Supplier Qualification Procedure for an appropriate level of risk mitigation.


Start when you need it, stop whenever you want.

Time for what really matters

Save time and keep the focus on value-added tasks: R&D, manufacturing, marketing authorization, …

Adjusts to your needs

From occasional support to comprehensive takeover of your Supplier Management!

Our 2022 subscription Plans






CHF 99.-/month

CHF 349.-/month

CHF 690.-/month

CHF 1’440.-/month

CHF 2’490.-/month








Qualification & Classification

(1 supplier)

(up to 4 suppliers)

(up to 4 suppliers)

(up to 6 suppliers)

(up to 12 suppliers)

Supplier audit program, incl. plan, audits, & reports

(1 audit /yr)

(up to 4 audits (1/2d) /yr)

(up to 4 audits (d) /yr)

(up to 6 audits (d) /yr)

(up to 12 audits (d) /yr)

Follow-up & Reporting





Quality Agreement Management

(up to 6 suppliers)

(up to 12 suppliers)

Supplier-related Incident Management (support)


-25% off additional audit rate (CHF 1’200.-/day intead of CHF 1’600.-)

“Quality” Cockpit: Supplier Management status at a glance

CHF 290.-/month

CHF 290.-/month

CHF 290.-/month

CHF 290.-/month

recommended use

recommended use



joint management

joint management

comprehensive takeover

*1-9 employees businesses only

XXL Pack: your customized subscription plan, specifically designed to match your needs

All prices excl. VAT, valid for subscriptions before 31.12.2022

Choice of a subscription plan depends on your business’ size and complexity, on your goals, and on… how far you will collaborate (thus, on the required level of support / assistance)!
When none of the above plans is exactly matching your expectations, a customized scheme can be designed.

Please do not hesitate to request a FREE quote, based on a quick assessment of your situation.


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