Risk Management, applied to Human Resources Management.

People are your greatest Asset, and at the same time one of your major Risks. Empowering your People, while mitigating the Risks related to your Employees, this is what LRNGforHR solutions are made for. Here are some examples taken from our solutions portfolio:

Crisis Management Exercise | Employee certification process | Insider Threat Assessment Program
Employee onboarding | Training & Awareness | Succession Planning


LRNGQualityManagement | LRNGRiskSafety&Security | LRNGBusinessContinuity

LRNG for LifeSciences

Supplier Management for Life Sciences.

Focus on what matters most (R&D, production, marketing authorization,…) and let us deal with Supplier Management!

Risk-based Supplier Management Procedure | Supplier Qualification or recertification audits | Quality Agreements
Change Control | Critical Suppliers for Business Continuity


LRNG for Banks

Third Party Risk Management. Crisis & Resilience. 

While regulation agencies continuously strenghten outsourcing and operational resilience prudential rules, benefit from our unique, risk-based and pragmatic approach

Third Party Risk Management | Critical Suppliers for Business Continuity | Insider Threat Assessment Program
Business Impact Analysis | Impact Tolerance for Important Business Services | Operational Resilience & Business Continuity exercises

 LRNGRiskSafety&Security | LRNGBusinessContinuity | LRNGCrisis&Resilience

LRNG Fire Security

Fire Prevention, prevention & prevention.

Of all the Risks we are all exposed to, fire is arguably one of the worst. Most of the times, there is nothing left behind: what has not been destroyed by the fire is damaged by water – loss is inestimable. So what can we do? Prevention, prevention, prevention! Because we’re never prepared enough.

Fire Prevention Plan | Safety & Security Awareness | Emergency Response Plan – Fire | Fire Drills | Business Continuity exercises


LRNGRiskSafety&Security | LRNGBusinessContinuity | LRNGCrisis&Resilience

LRNG Continuity Solutions

Ensure your ability to operate in adverse situations, thanks to our Continuity Solutions.

Thanks to our network of valuable Partners, we are able to provide a full range of Continuity Solutions. Please contact us for more information.

Emergency Desktop Cloud Solutions | Backup Restoration Assurance Program | Emergency Notification Services
Post-disaster Decontamination & Restoration
| Business Continuity exercises


LRNGBusinessContinuity | LRNGCrisis&Resilience

LRNG Certification

Get Official Certification for your Management System(s).

As a Consulting firm, we are obviously not able to provide certification for system(s) we might have helped to build.
We then recommend a Certification Audit by an Accredited Company, that shares our views and our pragmatic approach.
Please contact us for more information.

Certification Audit | ISO Certification

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